LLL Training and Master in Innovative Technologies for
Energy Saving and Environmental Control for Russian Universities,
involving Stakeholders GREENMA

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GREENMA Contacts

Genoa University

Angelo Musaio
Vice Manager, Head of Service
E-mail: musaio@unige.it
Tel.: +390102095588

link: http://www.unige.it/internationalstrategies/

Tambov State Technical University

Elena Mishchenko
Vice-Rector for International Relations
E-mail: post@mcms1.tstu.ru
Tel.: +7 4752 630112

Ural Federal University n.a. Boris Yeltsin

Vladimir Alekhin
Director of Institute of Civil Engineering
E-mail: referetSF@yandex.ru
Tel.: +7 343 3745982

link: http://urfu.ru/en/international/tempus0/

Vladimir State University n.a. Stoletovs

Yury Panov
Dean of Chemistry and Ecology Faculty
E-mail: tpp_vlgu@mail.ru
Tel.: 8 905 6179789

Stavropol State Agrarian University

Svytoslav Serikov
Head of International Relations Office
E-mail: serikovss@mail.ru@mail.ru
Tel.: 8 (865-2) 73-11-66

Voronezh State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering

Marina Shitikova
Head of International Cooperation
E-mail: MVS@vgasu.vrn.ru
Tel.: 8 8(473) 271-42-20

Tyumen State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering

Victor Mironov
Vice-Rector on Scientific and Innovation Activities
E-mail: vvmironov@list.ru

link: http://www.tgasu.ru/node/1119

Ivanovo State University of Chemistry and Technology

Vladimir Rybkin
E-mail: rybkin@isuct.ru
Tel.: 4932 329194

link: http://main.isuct.ru/ru/node/9112

North Ossetian State University n.a. K. L. Khetagurov

Ruzana Otieva
Head of International Relations Office
E-mail: ruzana_m@mail.ru

D. Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology of Russia

Anna Kurochkina
Assistant Professor
E-mail: annacur@gmail.com, tarasnp@muctr.ru
Tel.: 8 985 3347217

Perm National Research Polytechnic University

Alla Grishkova
Senior Lecrurer of Heating Department
E-mail: tgv-kafedra@yandex.ru
Tel.: +7 922 2442882

Ivanovo State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering

Alexander Ryazansky
Associate Dean of the Faculty of Commercial training and Advanced
E-mail: pclaker@rambler.ru
Tel.: 4932 384129

City University of London

Laurence Boswell
Professor of Civil Engineering
E-mail: L.F.Boswell@city.ac.uk
Tel.: +44 (0) 2070408140

Silesian University of Technology

Aleksander Sladkowski
Associate Dean on International Cooperation
E-mail: Aleksander.Sladkowski@polsl.pl

Universidad de Alicante

Nizar Ayadi
International Project Officer
E-mail: Nizar.ayadi@ua.es
link: http://aplicacionesua.cpd.ua.es/otri/eu/ficha_programa.asp

Institute of Energy Saving of Sverdlovsk Oblast

Vladimir Begalov
Director of Institute
E-mail: bva@ines-ur.ru

Federal Service on Customers' Rights Protection and Human Well-Being

Evgeniy Lisitsin
E-mail: postmaster@cgsnvlad.elcom.ru

Union of Constructors of Sverdlovsk Region

Tatiana Rykova
Leading Specialist, Lawyer
E-mail: stroy-un@etel.ru

Tambov Regional Administration

Nadezhda Petrova
Head of Department
E-mail: post@opr.tambov.gov.ru

TICASS Consortium

Osvaldo Conio
Chief Executive Officer

link: http://www.ticass.it/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=226%3


Evgeniy Larsky
Chief Manager
E-mail: larskyev@energomera.ru