LLL Training and Master in Innovative Technologies for
Energy Saving and Environmental Control for Russian Universities,
involving Stakeholders GREENMA

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Teaching / Training Materials

GREENMA Intensive course for Russian junior staff at Silesian University of Technology, Faculty of Transport.

17th - 28th March 2014, Katowice, Poland.

Course Programme (pdf).

GREENMA Intensive course for Russian junior staff on «Energy Saving for Environmental Protection and Control»

September – November 2013, Genova, Italy.

Course Programme (pdf).

"Teaching/ Training Materials" section of the website contains only demo versions of textbooks. The full versions can be downloaded after authorization in RESERVED AREA.

Textbook title Book Editor
1. Green technologies for sustainable development N. Tarasova (MUCTR)
2. Energy efficiency improvement in natural and industrial systems N. Popov (TSTU)
3. Basis of thermodynamics and exergy analysis L. Tagliafico (Genoa University)
4. Lifecycle of energy, energy management and optimum decision making N. Shiryaeva (UrSU)
5. Energy and environmental audit N. Popov (TSTU)
6. Engineering and economic analysis of energy saving activities S. Fedosov (RAACS)
7. Environmental safety and energy sustainable development N. Kornilov (SSAU)
8. Practical application of energy saving technologies V. Semenov (VSUAE)
9. Modelling technological and natural systems Y. Panov (VlSU)
10. Glossary for GREENMA project A. Musaio (Genoa University)
L. Mozerova (TSTU)