LLL Training and Master in Innovative Technologies for
Energy Saving and Environmental Control for Russian Universities,
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Festival della Scienza 2013

22nd October - 3rd November, 2013
Genoa, Italy

An "Induction" event was organized by the Project Coordinator, with participation of the other EU partners, in the framework of the international Science Festival, taking place every year in Genoa. Jointly with this induction event, a public conference titled "Energy saving and environmental monitoring: Their contribution to the beauty of Planet Earth" was held on 24th October 2013 at Villa Cambiaso, Polytechnic School of the University of Genoa.

In addition to Genoese teachers, professors and young researchers from Russian Universities attended bringing their expertise related to philosophical - scientific thought connected to the concept of Noosphere and Biosphere. Among the guest lecturers, Prof. Natalia Tarasova from Moscow, recently appointed President of IUPAC ("International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry"), was present.

The contents of the project were presented with particular reference to the opportunity of promoting, in terms of energy saving and environmental monitoring, the exchange of knowledge and experience between EU institutions and Russian Universities, together with the involvement of companies that develop and adopt innovative technologies in the energy / environment field and represent best practices between research, industrial applications and sustainable development. In this regard, representatives of important companies were present (Boero, Italian Institute of Welding, Italiana Coke).

During the event, scientific presentations were also delivered by some of the Russian junior teachers.

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